Meet Raquel Rozas, Metromile’s New Head of Brand

We’re really making moves at Metromile and are excited to announce that Raquel Rozas is joining us as Head of Brand and Product Marketing. As we amplify our endeavors of disrupting the car insurance industry, Raquel will oversee all aspects of the Metromile brand, ensuring that the concept of affordable insurance for low-mileage drivers becomes synonymous with the Metromile name. A former Procter & Gamble executive, Raquel brings more than 10 years of brand experience from senior marketing roles, working with brands including Secret® and Tide®. We’re confident that this is exactly what we need to elevate the Metromile brand, and we’re also confident that Raquel’s answers to the questions below prove she will fit in perfectly with the Metromile team!


What excites you the most about joining Metromile? The opportunity to provide consumers with a more transparent and fair pricing option for car insurance, while at the same time providing them with excellent service be it with claims, help in finding parking or car diagnostics.

How do you commute to work? I just moved to the Bay area, so I’m in the process of exploring all the options. There are so many choices: train, bus, carpooling or ferry! Tomorrow I’m going to try out the bus system. The idea of a guaranteed seat and free Wifi sounds appealing to me.

Where are you excited to road trip to? Oh my….so many things I’m excited about. I already have a girls trip planned to Napa, but I’m also excited about Tahoe, Yosemite, Half Moon Bay, Highway 1 and San Luis Obispo… truly the options feel endless.

Which Metromile app feature is most helpful to you and why? The street sweeping alert is definitely one of the coolest features, but for someone who constantly forgets where they parked, the car locator will definitely come in handy.