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Introducing John Orta, General Counsel at Metromile

We’re rapidly growing at Metromile, so as we scale, we are excited to announce that John Orta has joined Metromile as General Counsel and will oversee our legal, HR and recruiting teams. Before Metromile, John was Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at OpenTable (where you likely make all of your online restaurant reservations). In addition to serving on the executive team, he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s legal, HR, recruiting, fraud and risk teams, as well as the Chief Compliance Officer. John led the legal team during the company’s IPO and Secondary Offering in 2009, and OpenTable’s purchase by The Priceline Group in 2014. He also received the GC Impact Award from The Recorder in 2014 (a leading legal publication), so he’s kind of a big deal. To get to know John a little better, we had him answer a few quick questions.


What excites you the most about joining Metromile?
I honestly can’t limit it to one thing. First, I love companies that help people, and at Metromile not only do we provide a great insurance product that can provide substantial savings to our customers, but our app also has a suite of features that makes car ownership easier. That is a fantastic combination. Second, the people that work here are world-class and I could not be more excited to join this wonderful team and tackle the opportunity in front of us.

How do you commute to work?
I’m a BART guy. Even when it is crowded, I enjoy it. What I really need to do, however, is ride my bike to BART and burn some extra calories. That should be my new year’s resolution (but it isn’t).

Introducing Metromile’s New CFO, Joe Selsavage

We are excited to announce that Joe Selsavage has joined Metromile as Chief Financial Officer! Joe was most recently the CFO at Hotwire, the leading travel discount site, overseeing their global finance and accounting efforts. He took them from launch to a well-known global company, and we are confident that Joe will be a key player in taking Metromile to the next level. Before Hotwire, Joe spent more than 10 years in accounting and management functions for various organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. To get to know Joe a little better, we asked him to answer some questions to gauge how well he will fit in at Metromile. Spoiler alert: he’s going to be awesome.

New Metromile CFO

What excites you the most about joining Metromile?
I’m super excited to be joining such a fun company that’s disrupting the car insurance industry and growing fast. I look forward to being part of the team!

How do you commute to work?
I live in San Francisco between Noe Valley and Castro, and use Muni to get to work. Editor’s note: Way to go, Joe! We’re all for commuting via public transportation.

Where is your favorite place to road trip to?
Anywhere. I love to spend time traveling and experiencing the world. My last job was at Hotwire, so I learned a lot about how to save money on last minute travel. I can jump in the car or get on a plane any time for a last minute trip. I love to road trip to Tahoe or fly to the east coast (DC, NY or Boston) for the weekend. If I have more time, I’ll go to Brazil.

Which Metromile app feature is most helpful to you and why?
I love the street sweeping alerts. As someone living in the city with a car that I only use occasionally, the street sweeping alerts have saved me many times from getting a ticket.

We are eager to see what the future holds as Joe steps into this important role. Speaking of important roles, we are hiring a ton in SF, Tempe and Boston! Check out our job listings if you are interested in joining the Metromile team during this pivotal time.