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How Metromile Helps Me Save Money

The following Metromile review is a testimonial from Heath C., a loyal customer who wanted to share his positive experience.

I was initially intrigued with Metromile because it was pay-as-you-go insurance. I often walk to work, so there are days where I don’t even drive at all. Paying for insurance based on the miles I drive was a breath of fresh air.


I love that I can easily log in and navigate through the app and see what my current balance is for the month. I also appreciate the ability to see my car’s location and view past trips.

One of the major perks of being a Metromile customer is the savings. I like that I am in control of what I am being charged. I am saving $1,140 a year on my auto insurance and am putting these extra savings towards a fund for a down payment on a new house. Without Metromile, we wouldn’t be able to be on the path to homeownership.

Why I’m a Loyal Metromile Customer

Robert C. is a fiercely loyal customer and has been a part of the Metromile family since September of 2015. Here is a review of his Metromile experience so far.


I was attracted to Metromile because the company has a different way of thinking. They truly care about their customers and pay attention to their needs. I appreciate when I call in and I feel the Customer Experience team listens and hears me. They are not in a hurry to get off the phone like my old company!

I like that their smart driving app allows me the check on where my vehicle is currently parked. I was recently at a mall and couldn’t remember where we left the Jeep and the app helped me find it. Overall, the app helps me drive smarter. I can decode my car’s check engine lights, and also see how much fuel costs. I have the ability to look and see if I could do anything better.

With pay-per-mile insurance, I have been saving $1,000 a year. I put my extra savings toward paying off my truck payments and also put a little bit more toward other bills I have. The best part was taking my wife out to an awesome dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Editor’s note: We always love hearing from happy customers like Robert! If this Metromile review has sparked your interest in pay-per-mile insurance, try getting a quick quote to see how much you could save.

How I Saved Over $700 with Metromile

Creating fiercely loyal customers means the world to us. Susan G. has been a part of the Metromile family since August of 2015 (right when we launched in Pennsylvania) and has been providing amazing feedback on Twitter ever since. Here is her story.


Metromile first sparked my interest because of the savings! I am a very low mileage driver and was tired of paying over $1,000 a year for a car that I rarely used. I was with my previous company for over 30 years and begged them to give me a lower rate. They refused to budge, so I jumped at the chance to join Metromile. I had originally just Googled pay-per-mile insurance and was even aware of Metromile before the launch in PA. I put my name on wait-list and was notified right when Metromile offered coverage in PA. I then immediately made the switch to pay-per-mile.


I have had a wonderful experience so far with Metromile. There have been no billing problems and the smart driving app is great because it tells me exactly where my car is parked (in case I forget where it is in a parking garage)! It is reassuring that if my car was ever stolen, I could track it down. I am saving $780 dollars a year! Since, joining Metromile, I have been able to increase my charitable giving. I do not live paycheck to paycheck, but I know that saving money on car insurance makes keeping my car worthwhile. I was thinking of selling my car, but Metromile made it cost effective to keep it.