Metromile in 2017: The Year in Review

2017 was an exciting year for us here at Metromile. And as we continue to grow, we wanted to share some of the milestones we’ve hit along the way, with the help of our fiercely loyal customers.

This year our customers hit the billion mile marker, meaning since our inception in 2013 our customer have driven one Billion Miles. That’s a lot of road, and we are proud to have been there with them every step of the way. In 2017, we also launched the world’s best claims experience, powered by AVA our AI smart claims system. AVA makes filing a claim, picking a repair shop, getting a rental car, and getting reimbursed a breeze.

Metromile 2017 In Review

With 2018 right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to take a retrospective look at 2017:

    Average Miles Driven:
    Metromilers in big cities across the country are living up to our low-mileage mantra, driving on average 5,925 miles in 2017 – that’s less than half the national average. Which city drives the most? It may not surprise you that sprawling San Diego takes the top spot driving 7,613 miles per year on average. Here’s how the cities rank:

      1. Portland, OR 4,519 miles per year
      2. Seattle, WA 5,127 miles per year
      3. Philadelphia, PA 5,624 miles per year
      4. Chicago, IL 5,936 miles per year
      5. San Francisco, CA 6,054 miles per year
      6. Los Angeles, CA 6,604 miles per year
      7. San Diego CA 7,613 miles per year

    Most Popular Day of the Week to Drive
    Through and through, Metromilers prove that cars are best for weekend use. Besides Chicago,(where Sunday is the most popular day to drive) all major Metromile covered cities drive the most on Saturdays.

    Most Popular Day to Drive On
    Once again the day before Thanksgiving (this year, November 22, 2017) was the most popular day to drive.

    Most Common Vehicle
    The Honda Civic is the most common car in Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Interestingly enough the most common car in San Diego (where our drivers drive the most) is the Toyota Corolla.

    Metromile Savings
    We don’t just save our customers money on insurance, we save them from pesky street sweeping tickets too. Our smart driving app offers street sweeping alerts (in select cities) that saved our customers $600,000 in 2017. That’s a lot of dough.

What a year 2017 has been, thanks so much to everyone who took us along for the ride. We are looking forward to offering our customers even more awesome features that make their lives easier in 2018. If you aren’t already a customer, get a quick quote to see how much you could benefit from pay-per-mile insurance this year!