How to Read Your Metromile Insurance Bill

Metromile’s bills are a little different compared to other insurers. We like to think ours sets customers up for success and savings.

To get a better grasp on your driving (and savings!) you’ll want to get familiar with your monthly statement. Here’s everything you need to know.

(1) The balance section is the meat of your bill, showing all the ins and outs of the current billing period. A few things to note here:

(A) Your base rate is a fixed amount you’ll pay every month, regardless of the miles you drive. Think of this as the cost of your insurance for when your car is parked. Technically speaking, the base rate is a personalized daily rate, so you’ll have a lower base rate in months with fewer days like February. 

(B) The per mile rate is the difference-maker. We add up all the miles you’ve driven during the billing period and charge you only for each mile you drive. (Keep in mind that the per mile rate is charged at the end of the billing period while the fixed base rate is charged in advance of next month’s driving.)

(C) The adjustments line reflects small corrections — for example, we might refund a few miles if we realize a trip was shorter than initially reported.

(D) You might see a pre-payment credit. If so, it means you paid us a bit of money in advance of your first term to help reduce risk (and thus prices) and we’re crediting the pre-payment back on every bill during your first six months.

(2) The bar graph in the activity section tracks the miles you’ve driven each day. The line graph tracks your total miles for the billing period (left axis) and how those miles impact your bill (right axis). You’ll also see an at-a-glance summary of your current situation: balance, miles driven, and days left in the billing cycle.

(3) Trips for this billing cycle is a comprehensive view of trips you’ve taken during this billing cycle. Review your travels on a map, take stock of your driving habits, and even find out precisely how much each trip cost to insure.

If all of this sounds like a better way to approach your car insurance, then it’s time to sign up for Metromile — if you haven’t already!

And if you have questions about your bill, your rates, or whether Metromile is the right fit for you, we’re available to help at