What the F-NOL?

If you’ve been reading the Metromile blog for a while (hey, thanks!), then you’re probably a veritable expert in all things coverage and claims related. You can likely school your friends and family on what “comprehensive” coverage really means, and it’s a safe bet you know what to do in the event of a minor fender bender. Now that you’ve mastered the basics, you’re ready to graduate to the next level and learn the answer to an age-old question: what the F-NOL?

What is F-NOL?

Let’s break it down: a FNOL is a First Notice of Loss or First Notification of Loss. The “loss” in this instance refers to the insured product, which—unfortunately—is your vehicle. You may not even know it, but if you’ve ever contacted your insurance provider about a theft, loss, or damage, you’ve filed an FNOL.

The FNOL is a critical piece of the post-accident/incident process, both for you and your insurance company. In some cases, it’s a requisite first step in the formal claim process because it alerts your insurer to the situation and it gives you the opportunity to quickly and accurately report the details of the theft or destruction. But let’s be honest—most of are anything but cool, calm, and collected following a robbery, accident, or vandalism. You’ll want to get going on your FNOL as soon as possible, but you’ll likely want and need a system that’s simple to navigate and won’t cause your already-elevated stress levels to skyrocket.

Metromile’s First Notice of Loss

Luckily, some insurance companies have evolved to offer a simpler, streamlined, super-convenient FNOL process. Metromile is leading the pack. Rather than relying on an antiquated call center system to address your immediate questions and concerns, Metromile has AVA, a smart, savvy AI claims system who can accurately verify claims in seconds. Using Metromile Pulse sensor data, AVA is able to reconstruct the scene of an accident to verify claim details. Once claims are verified, she can also help process payments, locate local repair shops, schedule rental cars, and more.

Metromile provides a frictionless claims experience with their new AI claims assistant, AVA. (PRNewsfoto/Metromile)

Thanks to AVA’s impressive intelligence, she’s able to guide you through the FNOL process, one step at a time. Unlike other insurance companies that require customers to figure out the FNOL process solo, Metromile provides support from beginning to end. While Metromile drivers are welcome to submit FNOLs over the phone, they also have the options of filing online or through the Metromile app (because in stressful times, an array of easy options is great). And as AVA gets smarter, she may one day even be able to submit FNOLs for drivers in their absence, meaning she’d kick off your claims process even if you weren’t present for the theft or damage.

Until then, AVA and everyone behind the scenes at Metromile has your back and is here to take the WTF out of FNOLs and more. Need more info? Visit the Metromile Help Center to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. And if you’re ready to get a personalized quote, talk to a qualified agent by calling 1.888.242.5204. Already a customer? Awesome! How about spreading the love? Refer a friend, and you’ll receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card when they get their verified quote.

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