Metromile in 2020: The Year in Review

2020 has been a life-changing year for many of us.

Undeniably, when we look back at 2020, we will think about the tremendous change this year has brought with the Covid-19 pandemic and our increasing understanding of the roles each of us has with topics as diverse as climate change and racial justice.

Join us as we review 2020, including some data for a final look into the year:

What’s New for Metromile Auto Insurance in 2020

1. Immediate relief during the Covid-19 pandemic

Metromile customers saved approximately 30% on average on car insurance in April just for staying home, and savings continued throughout the year as people drove less. Because our drivers pay per mile (plus a low monthly rate), they saw auto insurance savings during the pandemic in almost real-time.

We also provided payment relief options to make sure our customers didn’t lose coverage if they couldn’t pay. We made sure our community didn’t pay any late fees or fees for payment extensions, so they could focus on what matters most — health and safety.

2. New insurance for connected vehicles

We also announced an exciting partnership with Ford to create connected car insurance. Soon, owners of eligible Ford vehicles with built-in connectivity can opt-in and access insurance we believe will be more convenient, customizable, and fairer.

We are excited to work with Ford, as we share a common goal to provide more personalized insurance for connected vehicles beyond lower rates.

3. See how much pay-per-mile auto insurance can save you

More than 124 million Americans drive 10,000 miles or fewer each year and could be overpaying for car insurance because they don’t pay per mile. 

This didn’t sit well with us. We launched Ride Along™ to help drivers save on auto insurance and get their best possible rate.

Now, you can download the Metromile app and drive with us for about two weeks. We will use the information, such as how many miles you drive, to give you an accurate rate for car insurance before you buy pay-per-mile auto insurance and start your Metromile coverage.

Drivers can also earn an additional discount on the initial quote (up to 15%) for safe driving during the Ride Along in select states; this is another way to save money with Metromile.

Metromile’s 2020 By the Numbers

1. The most common vehicles in the Metromile community

The most common makes or car brands insured by Metromile in order are Toyota, Honda, and Ford. The Honda Civic is the most popular model we insure, followed by the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry.

Our community also includes fans of electric vehicles, including Tesla. The number of Tesla vehicles insured has also increased over the last two years.

2. The most popular day of the week to drive

Metromile customers love the occasional weekend trip: Driving picks up on Saturdays.

Fortunately, weekend road trips don’t have to break the bank. All miles driven after 250 miles in a single day (150 miles in New Jersey) are free as a bonus for all of our customers!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Metromile customers drove less than they did in previous years this Thanksgiving. Oregon Metromilers drove 23% fewer miles this Thanksgiving than they did in 2019.

3. The most common claim

We want to have our customers’ backs and weren’t surprised to find out the most common claim handled in 2020 was roadside assistance. Our goal is to support drivers like you through every mile.

Metromile customers can personalize their auto insurance policy to their lifestyle because we understand everyone might need something different. Our roadside assistance can help with emergency gasoline delivery, flat tires, locksmiths, and towing up to a certain distance.

The bottom line

With 2020 coming to a close, we want to thank you for being a part of the Metromile community. As a low-mileage driver, you’ve kept your communities safer and greener; in return, we hope we provided you a meaningful experience at a great value.