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How Much Does a Long Commute Cost You?

The following is an infographic and  guest post from Anastasia Ivanov, a freelance writer and graphic designer for InvestmentZen with a penchant for flipping houses.

Have you ever paused for a moment to consider how much your car commute to work might be costing you? If you haven’t, the figures you are about to encounter will make your head spin.

Not only are long car commutes to work financially costly, they take so many hours that by the end of a 30-year career, you’ll have effectively spent several full months staring at other people’s tail lights.

For instance, if your commute averages 26 minutes, you spend 9 full days of your life on the road annually. That’s a steep price to pay just to get to work.

How about the financial impact? When it’s all said and done, car commutes can easily cost the average person up to a million dollars cumulatively over the course of a 30-year career in lost time and earnings. Considering how easily those lost earnings could accelerate your early retirement, you definitely want to take into account how far away you live from the office.

Moreover, when you consider the health and environmental impact that comes with a long commute such as the increased pollution from emissions along with increased stress levels and the risk of developing high blood pressure, you’ll better understand why Metromile is so passionate about rewarding people who spend less time in their cars.

Metromile’s pay-per-mile insurance is not only the most practical policy, it’s also one of the few policies available that reward you for your sound lifestyle choices.

To see more details about how expensive a long commute can be, just take a look at the infographic below by InvestmentZen.

The Metromile 2015 Year in Review

We’ve been making major moves this year, with an East Coast expansion ( Pennsylvania, Virginia AND New Jersey) and a shiny new update to our smart driving app. There was also a whole lot of driving less and saving more. We couldn’t have had such a momentous year without our amazing customers, so without further ado, here’s a recap of what 2015 looked like for our Metromilers!


Quiz: Is Pay-per-mile Car Insurance Right for You?

Have you ever wondered if your current car insurance provider truly fits your lifestyle? Here at Metromile, we are on a mission to provide low-mileage drivers with a fair and affordable car insurance where their monthly bill is based on the miles they actually drive. We believe that if you don’t drive much, you shouldn’t pay much! So if you’ve been thinking of making the switch but aren’t quite convinced, we put together this handy quiz to help determine if pay-per-mile car insurance is right for you. And if you ever have any questions about our offering, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

pay-per-mile car insurance quiz

The Major Benefits of Driving Less

We recently released a report showing that Metromile test drivers who used our smart driving app to measure mileage and later switched to per-mile insurance ended up driving 6% less after the switch. This seemingly small reduction in driving can actually have a significant impact on our economy and environment, especially if everyone reduced their driving by this amount. To illustrate just how much of a positive effect this could have, we created an infographic to show all of the benefits. Check it out:
Drive Less Benefits Infographic

If you would like to dig a little bit deeper, you can check out our original report or the Brookings Institution’s report about pay-per-mile car insurance.