Busting The 3 Biggest Car Insurance Myths


Between finding a plan that fits your needs and learning to decode industry jargon (what the heck is subrogation, anyway?), you might be under the impression that car insurance is seriously complicated. And while there can be a lot to learn, coverage doesn’t have to make you tear your hair out.

In fact, we at Metromile have made it our business to make car insurance as simple and straightforward as possible — customers get the best coverage for their individual situation,  at a fair price. But the benefits of being a Metromile customer go far beyond your bank account — from a simple sign-up process and easy automatic payments to seamless customer support and features like a monthly trip summary. Your peace of mind is a priority for us, and we value your time.  


But in case you’re still skeptical, it’s time to bust the biggest myths and set your mind at ease:


Myth #1: My insurer won’t believe it was a hit and run.


If your insurer is Metromile, there won’t be frustration. Meet AVA, Metromile’s AI claims system, who can verify where and when an accident occurred and even how hard the impact was. AVA collects details in seconds to help you file your claim quickly, and in some cases, can even ensure instant payment and help schedule repairs. Hit and runs are bad enough without having to prove your role as the victim.



Myth #2: With car accidents and insurance claims, it’s always a “my word over theirs” situation


Although AVA’s not a real person, she packs a lot of power and pretty effectively squashes any question about the facts.  AVA’s got a team of data scientists behind the scenes who utilize machine learning to continually improve the customer experience. Acting as a virtual witness, she can even help reconstruct an accident scene, thanks to sensor data from the Metromile Pulse, our device that plugs into your car’s OBD-II port.



Myth #3: Claims are complicated and take forever.


You’re probably already using your phone to network, order food, and maybe find the love of your life. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could also file a claim, locate a repair shop, book a rental car, and get paid all with a few swipes? You absolutely can, with the Metromile app. Unlike other insurance companies that only allow you to start the claim process online, Metromile allows customers to file the whole claim on their mobile phones, and certain claim types can even be resolved in as little as a few hours — without ever leaving your couch. And if you’re not an app person, we have a best in class Customer Experience team based in Tempe, Arizona.



Still have questions about how Metromile is busting myths and breaking through car insurance stereotypes? Visit our Help Center to learn more, or check out some pretty cool videos on our Youtube channel.