What’s the Best Car Insurance for New Drivers?

Car insurance for new drivers can be expensive. Metromile could help you save money on car insurance if you’re a new driver because it considers how you drive.

If you’re a new driver, you might feel like you still have your training wheels on. Your car could give you more independence. You can drive to school, drive to work, or run errands without relying on anyone else to help you get around. Unfortunately, this newfound freedom might also come with expensive car insurance premiums until you get some more experience under your belt. But if you drive less frequently than other people you know, you might save money with pay-per-mile car insurance. Metromile puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your car insurance because you pay for the miles you drive.

What makes you a new driver?

When it comes to new drivers, car insurance companies generally think about four types of people:

  • Teenagers who get their driver’s licenses while they’re still in school
  • Adults who start driving later in life
  • Adults who might have a gap in their driving record because they canceled their insurance when they sold their car in the past, for example
  • Immigrants or others who are new to the U.S.

If you have less driving experience in the U.S. than others, you may be considered a new driver.

Why is car insurance so expensive for new drivers?

When setting your rates, auto insurance companies look at things like your driving record and insurance history, including how many years you’ve had your driver’s license.

But if you’re a new driver, you might not have much to show for yourself yet.

Your years of experience as a driver can be more important than your age. It’s a common myth your car insurance rate will go down automatically once you reach a certain age, but it’s not true. Auto insurance companies know you don’t become a safe driver overnight on your 18th birthday when you become an adult.

Car insurance can also be expensive if you can’t demonstrate a track record of safe driving or continuous insurance coverage over time. And if you’re a teenager or immigrant, you might not even have a credit score, which some insurance companies use to determine your rate.

How much does car insurance cost for new drivers?

Because new drivers come from all walks of life, it’s hard to put a price tag on auto insurance. Many factors influence the rate you might pay.

But here’s what we can tell you.

Insurance companies focus on risk and whether certain groups of drivers might be more likely to get into an accident when driving.

It’s not uncommon for some new drivers, such as teenagers, to pay more for car insurance than experienced drivers who have a speeding ticket, car accident — or even a DUI conviction on their record.

We also found that people who don’t have established credit histories (like immigrants) can pay about the same premium as someone with a DUI.

What is pay-per-mile auto insurance?

With pay-per-mile insurance, you pay for the miles you drive.

Metromile charges you a base rate as low as $29 per month, plus a few cents for every mile you drive, which we count with a secure device plugged into your car.

So the less you drive, the more you save on car insurance.

How much could Metromile save me on car insurance?

Here’s a look at just how much money low-mileage drivers can save with Metromile:

*Average annual car insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with Metromile in 2018.

7 reasons why pay-per-mile insurance makes sense for new drivers

New drivers are diverse, and there’s not a single type of new driver. Whatever stage of life you’re in, you might not drive very much because you don’t feel as comfortable behind the wheel or might not need to drive as much as a more seasoned driver with more years of experience.

Let’s take a look at the various types of new drivers who could save money with Metromile. 

1. You’re still in school

Students tend to be part-time drivers.

Getting behind the wheel every now and then gives you a sense of freedom, but you don’t rely on your car to get around. 

If you’re in high school, you might be able to take the bus. Similarly, many college students live on campus and might leave their cars at home with their parents because they can walk or bike to classes.

Either way, you probably don’t put too many miles on your car. So with pay-per-mile insurance, you could save money by paying for the miles you drive.

2. You started driving later in life

If you start driving later in life, insurers will still consider you a new driver, even if you are a little bit older.

For example, you might be a new driver if your spouse used to do all of the driving, but you recently need a way to get around yourself.

Some people may have lived in the city their whole lives and never had any reason to get a car because they relied on public transportation. But now they’re moving somewhere else where they need a car to get to work and run errands. 

Whatever your circumstances may be, you could save money with pay-per-mile insurance if you drive occasionally.

3. You took a break from driving

If you’re looking to return to the driver’s seat after an absence, you might be considered a new driver. Even though you have previous driving experience, auto insurers like to see continuous coverage over time.

You could also be a new driver if you got rid of your car when you moved to a big city. You might also want to slowly ease back into driving because you’re used to getting around without a car.

So if you’re putting fewer miles on your car than most adults, you could probably save money with pay-per-mile insurance.

4. You just moved to the U.S.

Immigrants and others new to the U.S. might be considered new drivers.

Even if you’ve driven your whole adult life in someplace else, you might not have a driving or insurance record in the U.S. It can sometimes feel like starting from scratch, as some insurance companies might consider you to have no driving experience or a motor vehicle report they can consider.

But if you don’t plan on driving very often, you could lower your costs with pay-per-mile insurance. Unlike traditional insurance companies, Metromile focuses on someone’s actual driving, primarily how often you drive, to determine the price you pay.

5. You drive an older car

It’s less expensive to insure an older car.

Older vehicles tend to be easier to repair because parts are more readily available or cheaper for you or your mechanic to purchase and install.

A good way to save is by purchasing a used vehicle. Not only could you save big bucks by avoiding the brand-new sticker price, but you could also lower your expenses by removing collision and comprehensive coverage, which is designed to help you replace or pay for repairs to your vehicle. The extra coverage might come with a deductible that’s higher than the car is worth. This is because cars generally lose their value over time.

You can personalize your coverage with Metromile, giving you the confidence that your policy is right for your lifestyle or needs. Metromile’s pay-per-mile auto insurance offers four different levels of liability protection and choices for your comprehensive and collision deductibles so that you have greater control over how much you want to pay.

6. You took a defensive driving course

Metromile offers discounts to new drivers who take a defensive driving class in some states.

Having a defensive driving class under your belt demonstrates that you know the rules of the road and how to respond safely to dangerous situations when you’re behind the wheel. It also shows an insurance company you’re taking steps to become a safer driver.

7. Your car has safety features

In some states, Metromile offers discounts to drivers whose cars have certain safety features and anti-theft equipment. This might include automatic seat belts, airbags, alarms, tracking devices, and vehicle recovery devices.

Having these safety features on your vehicle might reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident, which car insurance companies could reward with a discount or lower premium.

What’s next?

Just starting out as a new driver? You could save by getting your insurance coverage with Metromile.
If you drive less often than most people you know, find out how much you could save with a free quote from Metromile.